Minecraft Giant Mountain Seed

Seed : iutnice

From your point of departure [34, 72, 187], you will notice a nearby village, located between a savanna and a desert, this one has many cultures. [107,74,131]

To the south of this village, in the desert, you will find a pyramid [93, 79, 349]

Just behind this pyramid, towards the west, you will find an unusual relief. Will you have the courage to go and build your house at the top?

If you continue south you will come across another village with a forge [-28, 80, 825]

Still head south to find another village, partly built on the water … [170, 65, 1225]

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  1. Hamish
    August 10th, 2017 at 08:06 | #1

    i will use this seed on minecraft 1.9 i hope it will works