Mario Games for Kids 2015

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Mario Games for Kids 2015

mario games 2015

Video games are one of the amusements that are enjoyed by people of all ages. The more it is played the more the players become addicted to it. Surpassing every stage provides satisfaction and happiness to the player just like in the Mario games. A Mario game which is developed in 1983 and was originally launched on the 13th of Friday is an iconic game that has broke the superstition about this day and date has sold millions of dollars to millions of people around the world that have enjoyed and spend their time amusing themselves with it. Almost everyone loves this cute Italian plumber in the red shirt and blue jumper who have been trying to surpass the turtles, seeking for the mushroom, and beating the dragon overlords. Play all mario games.

Mario kart games depict the journey of Mario with Luigi in pursuit to save the princess. This is a 40 kilobytes amusement that enables you to play different adventures with its 80 levels. The graphics of the different versions and adventures of Mario games as only changed the colors as well as the backdrops. The creator of this game in the name of Shigeru Miyamoto was inspired by the “Alice in Wonderland” tale which he incorporated it with his amazing video game.

Mario Games for Kids 2015

cat mario game

For those who are fond to play Mario, more interesting facts that you must know about this celebrated video character is that he never used his head to break the bricks. It is actually his little hand which he used to pound the bricks where while punching more coins were spilling out from the boxes. His role which was a carpenter was changed into a plumber, the reason why most of the adventures of Mario is underwater passing through every pipe.

Mario Games for Kids 2015

unfair mario game

There are free Mario games for kids that can be played and enjoyed online. According to the report there have been one billion users of the Mario free games 2015 who are free to join and play the game. Mario has been a favorite plumber character which made his first appearance in the Donkey Kong game in the year of 1981. The free Mario games that you can really enjoy online are the “Cat Mario”, “Unfair mario”, “Super Mario Bomber”, “Super Mario World”, “Flash Super Mario Bros”, Nimble Mario2, and many more. This can be played in console or PC’s where families can use it as quality bonding during their leisure time.

There are numerous versions of Mario games that you will always let you play different adventures that will surely never bore you just like the “Super Mario Galaxy” that provides you the experience of exploring the different planets where Mario has to find Peach who has been abducted by Bowser and brought it in the outer space. You may also want to play Mario on the Beijing Olympics where he heroic Italian plumber has to oppose several mascots and fight the Hedge dog. There are other roles in Mario games that you will surely love to portray and play.

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